Charles River’s portfolio management capabilities allow investment managers to view exposures and holdings, understand the impact of asset allocation and de-risking decisions, and construct portfolios that align with investment mandates. Its centralized portfolio management workbench combines intuitive, spreadsheet-like data visualization and aggregation capabilities with analytics and risk metrics. The readily familiar interface helps portfolio managers work more productively and improve communication with compliance officers, risk managers, and traders.

Exception-based workflows and extensive automation help portfolio managers focus on value-added activities. Integrated compliance capabilities across the investment life cycle help enable managers to quickly understand even the most constraining compliance and risk guidelines and readily adjust proposed allocations. Managers can work on groups of portfolios, track orders on the trading desk, and monitor and manage cash in a single window.

Key Capabilities

  • Manage all products, strategies and asset classes on a single platform
  • Support multi-manager or team-managed funds, global asset allocation, and wealth management products (SMA, UMA, UMH)
  • Monitor multiple portfolios simultaneously in user-defined views
  • Rebalance one or more portfolios to models or individual benchmarks to align positions, generate cash instructions for asset allocation, or adjust new cash inflows
  • Create trades using various methods such as: indices; stock/category level models; cash investing, raising or switching; weight or duration targets; etc.
  • Conduct hypothetical “what-if” analysis and determine risk impact
  • Assess profit & loss in real-time via market data or pricing feeds

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