Charles River Development and State Street provide an enhanced data management solution that will help enable investment firms’ business growth and spur innovation. The offering provides a seamless environment for collecting, curating and validating the data that drives your investment processes. Our model is fully open and interoperable, enabling  the integration of your own data and that of third-party services.

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State Street and Snowflake have partnered to bring enhanced data insights and data management capabilities to the Institutional Investment Management and Wealth Management industries through the Snowflake-powered, State Street Alpha Data Platform. To learn more visit

The State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform centralizes data, ensuring an enterprise-wide, single source of truth. Our cloud-native data warehouse is built on an extensible and scalable model that lets you capture the breadth and depth of data generated across your organization, as well as from external sources, including external custodians, service providers and data marketplaces.
DATA SHEET: Data Platform – Enabling Data Management at Scale
PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

The State Street Alpha℠ Data Services delivers mission critical data as a service by deploying professionals globally in a follow the sun model. We manage vendor, third party and client directed data and deliver business ready information to support trading, compliance, investment oversight and other functions. We provide streamlined access to reference, pricing, benchmark, ESG, holdings and other key data domains.
DATA SHEET: Data Services – Harmonize your data, technology and services across your investment process

Introducing the State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform

Take a closer look at how State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform (ADP) provides a transformational approach to harnessing the power of both internally- generated and externally-acquired data.

A Solid Data Foundation for the Buy Side

Explore Charles River’s data management technology and services and how the State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform (ADP) Platform enables a seamless, next-gen data experience.

The State Street Alpha℠ Data Services Continuum

The State Street Alpha℠ team discuss the evolution of data management services and how State Street Alpha Data Services help ensure high quality data across the investment process.

Key Benefits

Frictionless Access

Facilitate Collaboration
Consolidating your data environments enables collaboration across the organization, streamlining both operational processes and investment decision making.

Third Party

Improve Transparency
Complete transparency into data availability, definitions, usage and lineage helps reduce manual reconciliations and establish trust with investors and regulators.

Cloud Strategy

Support Growth
Our cloud-native data solutions can dramatically improve your firm’s ability to achieve scale and performance.


Discover New Insights
Intuitive, self-service data exploration tools combined with third- party vendor marketplaces encourage platform usage.

Fast Decisions

Faster Investment Decisions
Access to one source of high-quality data and analytics that can help set your business apart.

Speaking of Alpha

State Street AlphaSM Data Platform

Learn how the Alpha Data Platform (ADP), powered by Snowflake, helps consolidate and streamline data management for institutional investment managers and asset owners. ADP provides a transformational approach to harnessing the power of both internally generated and externally acquired data.

Reimagining the Data Delivery Paradigm

At the TSAM Tech Show, data leads for the State Street Alpha team, discuss industry headwinds and shifting approaches to data management and how Charles River’s foundation in providing data management technology and services help firms navigate those shifts.

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