Institutional Investment Managers

The Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS) provides firms with the flexibility to respond quickly to investment opportunities and risks, bring products to market faster, and better serve their clients.

By consolidating all investment processes on a single, multi-asset platform, firms gain a complete view of their accounts, investments and risk exposures.

TOTAL PORTFOLIO VIEW – Our platform provides a unified view of public and private investments and exposures, and across internally and externally managed assets. Managers can access investable cash faster and make better informed allocation and hedging decisions. Organizations operating in multiple geographies and time zones have a consistent, 24/7 view of their portfolio.

PRIVATE MARKETS – Charles River for Private Markets enables investment firms to aggregate critical data and manage valuations and scenarios at scale. With timely portfolio monitoring, transparent deal management, realistic valuations, and consistent, accurate asset and ESG management, Charles River helps clients support private equity and credit, real estate and infrastructure investments.

PORTFOLIO ANALYTICS – Charles River’s front and middle office solution centralizes portfolio analysis and construction, performance measurement, and risk management activities in a single workspace, providing portfolio managers with more informed investment insights.

TRADER PRODUCTIVITY – Integrated order and execution management capabilities help improve trade execution and help increase trader productivity. Automated compliance and risk monitoring across the entire investment lifecycle helps firms meet client mandates and regulatory requirements.

STREAMLINED POST-TRADE PROCESSING – By automating the post-trade process and providing centralized confirmation, trade matching and settlement instruction workflows, Charles River IMS helps minimize the risk of failed trades, expedites settlement, and ensure all parties have the same real-time view of post-trade processing activity and data.

A CLOUD-BASED SOLUTION – Firms may increase efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating disparate systems on a single enterprise solution that helps automates processes, streamlines workflows and eliminates expensive bespoke specialty systems. The Strategic Cloud Solution in Microsoft Azure helps ensure up to date technology and security, higher data quality, and 24×7 availability.

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