Charles River Everywhere

A web-based, multi-platform portfolio management system

Access Your Portfolios Everywhere and Anytime

Charles River Everywhere is a browser-based portfolio management, compliance, and trading solution that scales to support thousands of users. Its easily configurable framework allows users to quickly personalize information for managing complex accounts and client relationships. Financial advisors, executives, compliance officers, and other Charles River IMS users can help securely manage and monitor portfolios, compliance, trades and post-trade information in real-time when away from the office. Charles River Everywhere also meets the growing demand for remote access by giving users the same investment management features via iPad- and Android-powered tablets.

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Key Capabilities

  • Customize portfolio-, household-, and legal-entity–oriented views
  • Capture multi-manager, multi-sleeve or multi-product model targets
  • Rebalance portfolios to help ensure compliance with model targets
  • Help ensure tax-efficient portfolios and tax optimization across households
  • Portfolio impact preview before orders are released
  • Review, modify, submit and track trades through execution
  • Monitor and manage cash
  • Manage and monitor pre- and post-execution compliance issues
  • Monitor and manage post-trade orders and allocations status
  • Purpose -built dashboard to x-ray into advisor’s Book of Business
  • Action-oriented portfolio alerts and monitors
  • Construct characteristic-based allocation models and custom benchmark portfolios
  • Provides capabilities for personalization

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