Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Charles River’s EDM solution provides investment managers with the breadth and accuracy of data required to properly support investment decision making. Firms can more easily manage complex data from multiple sources, tailor data sets for different users, and lower operational risk. As the biggest consumer of data in the front and middle office, Charles River has a deep understanding of buy-side data requirements and is equipped to translate, validate and promote data to help ensure necessary completeness.

Purpose-built for asset managers, Charles River’s EDM Solution has the necessary depth to meet the data requirements for each instrument type across asset classes. This provides front and middle office systems with the requisite data to support even the most challenging fixed income and derivatives instruments.

Next-Gen Enterprise Data Management in the State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform

State Street Alpha is launching the next generation of EDM solutions, built on a cloud-deployed, open architecture platform. Watch our webinar to learn more about leveraging the latest technologies to help improve data governance and validation, increase transparency for end users, and ensure that data management aligns with business processes.

Key Benefits

Data Delivery

Delivers the right set of data management features based on firm size and asset complexity

Data integrity security

Helps asset managers reduce operational risk and complexity, and ensure enterprise-wide data integrity


Supports all asset classes with complete and accurate data

scalable platform

Eliminates system fragmentation and data silos by centralizing data management on a single, scalable platform