Wealth Managers and Advisors

Charles River helps wealth managers, sponsors, advisors and private bankers offer their clients a broad range of discretionary and non-discretionary products, including SMAs and UMAs.

Wealth Managers, Sponsors and Retail Brokers

Charles River’s Wealth Management Solution offers wealth managers institutional class capabilities to support discretionary and non-discretionary products, enhance mobility, and help attract and retain financial advisors.

Comprehensive multi-asset/multi-currency capabilities and support for region-specific frameworks and products, such as SMA, UMA, UMH, Rep as PM, and Mutual Fund Wraps, help managers consolidate disparate systems on a single wealth management solution and accelerate introduction of new offerings.

ENTERPRISE SCALABILITY AND PERFORMANCE – Designed with scalability and performance in mind, Charles River’s Wealth Management Solution meets the demanding requirements of the world’s largest wealth managers, allowing them to support millions of separately managed, unified managed, and household accounts. Full trade lifecycle surveillance and risk capabilities ensure firms remain compliant with Investment Policy Statements as well as client and firm restrictions.

Centralized wealth management supports exception-based workflows to identify accounts requiring attention, and provides managed account overlay functionality that scales to meet the performance requirements of high-volume sponsor firms.

AUTOMATING MANAGER/SPONSOR COMMUNICATIONS – Charles River’s integrated wealth hub lets managers automate and consolidate communications with multiple sponsors on a single platform. Auditable, web-based transmission of model updates, trades/allocations, positions/cash, and intra-day account instructions reduces errors and improves productivity.

Advisors and Private Banks

Charles River helps advisors efficiently manage their book of business, structure tax-efficient portfolios and reduce risk for high net-worth clients. By providing anywhere/anytime web and mobile access, Charles River increases advisor productivity and engagement in high-touch client relationships.

IMPROVED ADVISOR PRODUCTIVITY – Advisors benefit from a holistic view of assets, including household and multi-generational views. Extensive workflow automation and integration with 3rd party tools such as CRM systems further improve advisor productivity. In-depth account performance reporting helps advisors explain their investment strategies in the context of client goals.

COMPLIANCE AND RISK – Centralized pre-trade compliance and risk monitoring helps advisors meet Investment Policy Statement guidelines and ensures that advisor-recommended products, investment strategies and asset allocations align with client goals and risk profiles. It also minimizes the risk of regulatory violations due to inappropriate product recommendations or avoidable investment losses incurred during restructuring. What-if analysis lets advisors provide clients with detailed visibility into the impact that model changes can have on portfolio gain/loss, income, and exposure to risk factors.