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Charles River IMS combines an order management system (OMS) with multi- asset execution capabilities, creating a consolidated order and execution management system (OEMS). The OEMS enables traders to work more productively targeting orders requiring high touch interaction, managing trade risk, and demonstrating best execution. Full trade lifecycle support, integrated compliance and workflow automation enables clients to manage the largest and most complex institutional portfolios on a single platform.

The OEMS eliminates the multiple interfaces, fragmented workflows, and order staging problems inherent in utilizing separate order and execution management platforms. Traders no longer have to switch between systems or re-key critical information, helping save time and reduce errors. Benefits beyond the trading desk include improved compliance and auditing, reduced operational risk, and simpler infrastructure.


• Combined OMS and EMS that supports the full trading lifecycle
• Manage list and portfolio execution strategies
• Monitor compliance throughout the trade lifecycle
• Ability to create and visualize broker/ counterparty eligibility checks in an integrated fashion
• Monitor real-time market, order, and analytic data
• Capture trade and order data required for regulatory reporting
• Quickly organize orders with spreadsheet-like filtering, grouping and sorting
• Flexible and interoperable with open APIS and configurable FIX integrations

Key Benefits

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Global Connectivity

The Charles River Network enables fast and reliable direct access between buy-side clients and sell- side brokers. It supports global electronic trading via FIX and provides access to over 700 global liquidity venues. Traders can quickly send orders directly from the blotter to multi-broker trading venues, crossing networks, broker algorithms, program desks, alternative trading systems, dark pools, and smart routers. Charles River offers clients complete FIX software administration, connectivity management and support for each sell-side broker and trading destination.

  • Connect with over 12 data providers
  • Access integrated third party Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) providers
  • Trade with 150+ liquidity platforms and over 540 brokers globally on the Charles River FIX Network
  • Integration with over 90+ algorithmic brokers gives users access to 600 global and regional algorithms

As of July 2023

Preparing for the Coming T+1 Change in 2024

Watch our panel discussion on the impacts, readiness preparation, and how Charles River is responding as the industry moves toward T+1 trade settlement.
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Trading & Liquidity Partner Ecosystem

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Learn about our fixed income primary market issuance capabilities in Charles River IMS. Primary issuance workflows are often beset by inefficiencies that can increase risk and reduce productivity. Charles River, in partnership with 3rd parties, have developed a seamless workflow that streamlines the management of new issues. A discussion and demo the latest enhancements,

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Helping Fixed Income Traders Keep Pace with Rapidly Changing Markets

Helping Fixed Income Traders Keep Pace with Rapidly Changing Markets

Order and Execution Management

Helping Fixed Income Traders Keep Pace with Rapidly Changing Markets

Order and Execution Management

How our OEMS platform helps institutional traders meet rapidly changing demands for best execution, trade automation and portfolio trading.

Gaining Visibility into Multi-Asset Trading Performance with BestX and Charles River

Gaining Visibility into Multi-Asset Trading Performance with BestX® and Charles River


Gaining Visibility into Multi-Asset Trading Performance with BestX® and Charles River


Our partnership & seamless integration with BestX provides comprehensive transaction cost analysis (TCA) capabilities across asset classes.

The Evolution of OEMS Strategies and Front-to-Back Platforms

Evolution of OEMS Strategies & Front-to-Back Platforms

Trading - OEMS

Evolution of OEMS Strategies & Front-to-Back Platforms

Trading - OEMS

Watch how open architecture, interoperability and front-to-back platforms are reshaping fintech for investment managers and asset owners.

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