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Fixed Income Trading in Charles River IMS

On a daily basis, fixed income portfolio managers and traders contend with ever-changing geopolitical turmoil and volatile markets while striving to meet best execution. To streamline their workflows outside of current circumstances, they need flexible, automated tools across the front office to facilitate communication, price discovery, and liquidity management.

Join us as we discuss themes and trends in the market, and how the latest Charles River fixed income trading capabilities support managers and traders. We will also demonstrate current fixed income capabilities in Charles River IMS and planned enhancements.

InvestOps 2023

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InvestOps 2023

Stop by our booth to learn more about Charles River’s latest investment management solutions and join us at at the biggest buy side investment operations conference. Stay to learn how to stay ahead of the curve in emerging trends, leverage the latest tech and how to build an advanced data and analytics infrastructure.

March 27 – 29, 2023
Orlando, FL
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2023 MMI Summit

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2023 MMI Summit

The MMI Summit program will focus on the issues that are top-of-mind for advisory leaders right now – from maintaining a growth mindset in uncertain times, upskilling and talent strategies and and harnessing the power of digital transformation. Stop by our booth to learn about Charles River’s wealth management solutions.

March 29-30, 2023
St. Petersburg, FL
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TradeTech 2023

Speaker Spotlight

TradeTech Europe 2023

Join us to learn, network and collaborate with Europe’s leading buy side heads of equity trading. Join our panel discussion to hear Vidya Guruju discussing the best approach for implementing a true multi-asset EMS workflow and how to build a multi-asset strategy from a legacy framework to intelligent automated trading.

April 17-19, 2023
Paris, France
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2023 Explore & Learn Webinars

Evolution of the Charles River and Qontigo Partnership

The Charles River and Qontigo partnership has provided firms with actionable performance and risk analytics across the investment lifecycle. Managers have the ability to access multi-asset class factor models, track performance and monitor risk, and construct optimized portfolios directly in Charles River.

Join our next Explore & Learn webinar to hear Charles River and Qontigo product experts discuss the synergies derived from the partnership, how they innovate to help solve client challenges, and what’s on the horizon.

Portfolio Personalization & Direct Indexing

Direct indexing and other forms of portfolio personalization are continuing to gain market share and have significant potential for industry disruption over the short term. What’s behind the trend and how can both asset and wealth managers leverage this investing approach for growth?

Join our next webinar as we drill down into the specific value proposition of portfolio personalization, the considerations and advantages, and specific use cases through Tailored Portfolio Solutions, our customization platform.

Leveraging Collateral Management Capabilities in Charles River

A resilient, fully integrated solution is more important than ever to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk. Charles River offers embedded collateral management capabilities across the entire collateral lifecycle, supporting margin exchange on all product types in one place.

Join Charles River’s Lina Belosky and Ryan McClellan for our webinar where they will discuss and demo the product.

The Evolution of the Charles River and MSCI Partnership

Our partnership has enabled asset managers to quickly implement risk-informed investment decisions, provide a consistent view of risk and performance analytics, and unlock operational efficiencies through a common data infrastructure.

Charles River and MSCI product experts discuss the synergies derived from the partnership, how they innovate to help solve client challenges, and what’s on the horizon.

Portfolio Management & Risk Analytics

Now more than ever, portfolio managers need efficient and scalable technology capabilities to thrive in volatile markets. Charles River’s Portfolio Management & Risk Analytics provides a centralized and flexible solution to enhance efficiency and streamline processes across the investment lifecycle.

Join Charles River’s Steven Milanowycz and Susan Madigan for this webinar covering the product’s evolution and strategic direction.

2022 Webinar Highlights

Charles River Webinars are designed to help discover new ways to leverage the Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS), and our growing partner ecosystem. Hear from our product managers and industry experts as they discuss the latest product and platform capabilities.

Partner Highlights

Introducing FundGuard Investment Accounting

Our partnership with FundGuard provides an AI-powered, cloud-native, and multi-asset class investment accounting platform for asset managers and asset owners.

Sourcing AI-Driven Corporate Bond Liquidity with LTX

Join us for a demo and panel discussion to learn about the launch and integration of LTX in the Charles River Order and Execution Management System.

Leveraging the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer™

The combo of Charles River’s portfolio management capabilities and the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer provide a robust toolkit to construct portfolios and test strategies.

State Street Alpha℠ Benchmark Services Powered by RIMES

This partnership with Rimes helps meet our clients increasingly complex index needs and provide a centralized solution to aggregate indexes & benchmarks.

Streamlining Primary Market Issuance with DirectBooks

Learn about Charles River and DirectBooks‘s partnership and their primary market issuance capabilities and workflows in Charles River IMS.

Applying MSCI’s Fixed Income Performance Attribution in Charles River

Charles River and MSCI discuss and demo applications of MSCI’s Fixed Income Performance Attribution model in Charles River.

Portfolio, Risk & Attribution Workflows for Munis Leveraging MSCI Analytics

A discussion and demonstrate portfolio and risk workflows in Charles River IMS using the MSCI Municipal Bond Factor Model.

Using Axioma Risk Analytics for Scenario Analysis

A demo of scenario analysis using Axioma and understanding the impact of rate hikes, currency moves and other factors on portfolios.

Leveraging Qontigo’s Axioma MAC Risk Model in Charles River

A discussion and demo on MAC portfolio and risk workflows in Charles River IMS using sample excerpts from the Axioma MAC Factor Risk Model.

Expediting Swaps Trading with OTCX

OTCX helps provide Charles River clients with the ability to seamlessly discover prices and negotiate interest rate swaps, overnight index swaps, inflation swaps, and cross currency.

Product Highlights

Streamlining and Automating Post-Trade Operations

Post-trade capabilities provide real time view of their allocation, confirmation, and matching process.

Managing ESG-Driven Portfolios and Strategies

Demo and panel discussion about Charles River’s approach to supporting ESG investing in the front office and integrating ESG across the entire org.

Streamlining Compliance Across Jurisdictions with the Charles River LawCard® Solution

Our solution helps reduce burdens required to remain compliant.

Next-Gen EDM in the State Street Alpha℠ Data Platform

We are launching the next generation of enterprise data management (EDM) solutions, built on a cloud-deployed, open architecture platform.

Introducing CRD Academy

Clients can access virtual instructor-led and self-paced training to gain an in-depth understanding of Charles River IMS in this online platform.

Charles River Automated Regression Testing Service

We have built an integrated Automated Regression Testing Service that aims to streamline the efficient adoption of upgrades and enhancements.

Trade Automation and the Broker Wheel

Learn how traders can leverage our broker wheel and multi-asset trade automation capabilities alongside our innovative partnerships.

State Street Alpha℠ Managed Account Services

Alpha SMA supports & streamlines the management, operation, and distribution of discretionary and model-based SMA/UMA strategies.

Fixed Income Execution Mgmt

The latest on FI execution and how webapps in our Inventory Hub are integral to providing release-independent capabilities.

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