Charles River Wealth Hub

Streamlines Communications & Operations

Streamlining Wealth Manager and Sponsor Communications with Charles River Wealth Hub


Connecting Managers and Sponsors

The Charles River Wealth Hub is the industry’s first API-driven open network solution, automating and streamlining connectivity between separate account asset managers and wealth management platform sponsors.

Wealth Hub promotes operational resilience by providing a highly performant and scalable platform, supporting high communication volumes, especially critical during bouts of market volatility and end-of-quarter account rebalancing. Wealth Hub supports multiple facets of communication, including model management, instruction handling, order and allocation transmission, beginning of day positions, tax lots and investable cash.


  • Enables asset managers to automate and streamline communication with sponsors
  • Streamlines operations by eliminating the need to learn and interact with multiple sponsors
  • Allows managers to scale their business without increasing staff levels
  • Supports model management, portfolio management instructions, order workflows and receiving positions, transactions and tax lot data from sponsors

Principles-Based Approach

The Wealth Hub was designed as an API-driven, open network solution to enhance operational efficiency in separate account operations, helping to alleviate procedural bottlenecks and facilitating more efficient distribution of asset managers’ investment products across the industry.

Wealth Hub’s integration with leading separate account industry technology platforms and service bureaus enables operational connectivity to a wide range of wealth management programs.

Supporting Communication, Distribution, & Operations

Wealth Hub helps asset managers improve operational efficiency and distribute their investment products across the global wealth management industry. Managed account sponsors can manage risk, control costs, and improve operations while gaining access to strategies from the world’s leading asset managers. 

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