Middle Office

Many firms are re-evaluating their Middle Office model in order to provide more accurate, timely position data to the front office and reduce reliance on manual, error-prone post-trade processes. While outsourced solutions are one possible approach, this introduces new costs, risks and integration challenges. Charles River IMS incorporates a complete set of Middle Office capabilities as an integral part of the investment platform, including:

  • Position & cash management via the Investment Book of Record
  • Performance Measurement & Attribution and GIPS composite management
  • Post-trade processing
  • Real time NAV calculations
  • SWIFT messaging

Charles River IMS gives firms a viable alternative to middle office outsourcing, and reduces reliance on back office accounting systems and custodial position reporting. The solution automates the entire post-trade life cycle, providing faster processing and high volume scalability, and delivers timely and consistent information across the enterprise. Firms can better meet their growing volume of regulatory reporting requirements (MiFID II, Dodd Frank) and maintain compliance with industry standards (GIPS).