Portfolio Management & Risk Analytics

CHARLES RIVER PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND RISK ANALYTICS provides critical insight into investment risks, opportunities and performance for institutional asset managers. It combines all of the necessary portfolio management software capabilities, data, analytics and benchmarks portfolio managers need to construct and manage large multi-asset portfolios on one platform.

The solution provides asset managers with:

ALL PORTFOLIO AND RISK ESSENTIALS ON ONE PLATFORM – Firms can eliminate disparate risk, performance, and portfolio management systems with Charles River Portfolio Analytics. Managed data and native analytics ensure that investment decisions are based on timely and accurate information. A shared, firm-wide view of portfolio exposures and holdings promotes collaboration and helps portfolio managers respond faster to market opportunities.

CONSTRUCT, ANALYZE AND OPTIMIZE MULTI-ASSET PORTFOLIOS – Centralized portfolio management capabilities enable firms to manage all products and asset classes on one platform and construct portfolios that align with investment objectives. Portfolio managers can understand the most complex compliance and risk guidelines and easily analyze the impact of investment decisions on their portfolios.

MEASURE, MANAGE AND MONITOR RISK – Charles River provides the front and middle office with a consistent enterprise-wide view of portfolio, market, and sector risk. Firms can calculate, manage, and monitor risk across the entire investment lifecycle, directly from a central workspace. Risk forecasts based on VaR and ex-ante tracking error are supported. Buy side risk managers can design and run rigorous and realistic stress tests based on historical events or hypothetical shocks using scenario analysis.

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