Fixed Income

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Charles River IMS combines all of the capabilities needed to manage institutional fixed income portfolios, from portfolio construction and risk analysis to trading, position management and post trade processing. The front and middle office access a shared and consistent view of positions, exposures, and collateral.

Firms can implement their entire fixed income investment process on Charles River IMS for all products and strategies, including total return, smart beta, risk parity and liability driven products. A scalable, SaaS-based infrastructure provides traders and portfolio managers with the data, analytics, and benchmarks required to support each desk and asset class, from rates to credits, and bank loans to structured products.

Fixed Income Managers can:

  • Respond faster to market opportunities and make more informed allocation, targeting, and hedging decisions
  • Readily understand the portfolio’s exposure to counterparty, credit, rate, geographic or sector risk
  • Increase portfolio manager and analyst productivity by providing a complete set of capabilities across the investment process
  • Access leading fixed income ECNs, allowing traders to stage orders and receive completed trade details after execution
  • Leverage advanced trading capabilities including generic order handling, multiple-quote support, streamlined booking of complex swaps, trading on price, yield, spread, swap rate and deal spread
  • Eliminate disparate portfolio management, risk, performance, and middle-office platforms by managing all products and asset classes on Charles River IMS