Post Trade Processing & Settlement

Reduce Clearing and Settlement Risk

Automated post-trade processing and settlement help firms expedite trade confirmation, reduce clearing-related risk, and eliminate operational bottlenecks. The Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS) automates and centralizes confirmation, trade matching, and settlement instruction workflows, so dealers, traders, portfolio managers, compliance, and operations personnel have the same real-time view of all post-trade processing activity and data for each transaction.

The low-touch solution automatically routes orders and allocations to appropriate counterparties in real time and ensures central or local matching via rules-based functionality. Exceptions can be centrally managed and trades quickly confirmed/affirmed – in most cases by T+0 (same day). It also has embedded support for settlement instructions and supports standard notification protocols, formats, and methods.


Centralized Post-trade and Settlement

Centralized Post-trade and Settlement

Key Benefits

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Expedite settlement by routing individual trades and allocations in real-time to facilitate same-day matching and confirmation

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Reduce failed trades and settlement issues with consistent views of post-trade activity and data

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Manage “by exception” with personalized views and alerts that save time and speed up corrective intervention

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Streamline and consolidate operations with bi-directional message support and connectivity with SWIFT networks

State Street Alpha℠ for Post Trade

Learn how Charles River IMS along with State Street Alpha can empower your firm with the post-trade technology and services that best support your operating model, reducing the potential for failed trades and expediting straight-through processing.

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