Charles River IMS on Microsoft® Azure

Transformation at the Speed of Business

Investment managers face a number of challenges in an ever-changing industry, including market volatility, margin pressure, increased regulation, and industry consolidation. Cloud-based solutions offer the resilience, scalability, and performance that investment firms need for growth and innovation. 

Charles River has collaborated with Microsoft to provide the foundation for a scalable, secure, and highly performant investment management platform. Our strategic cloud solution, Charles River IMS on Microsoft® Azure, enables timelier investment decisions, helps firms adhere to regulatory requirements, and scales seamlessly to support organic and acquisition-based business growth. A secure cloud environment that offers proactive threat monitoring and simplified disaster recovery allows managers to focus on serving the needs of their clients. Read more about Charles River IMS on Azure’s capabilities here.

Key Benefits

Performance and Scalability

  • Global reach and geographic proximity helps enhance performance
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics


  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Embedded AI-based monitoring
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Streamlined disaster recovery


  • Extensible platform
  • Deep data history and analytics
  • Version-independent micro-services
  • Continuous enhancements

Charles River IMS on Azure Delivery Model

The Charles River IMS on Azure utilizes a Hub and Spoke design.

Charles River IMS is centrally managed in regional Hubs.

  • The Hub contains all core cloud services for Charles River to manage each customer’s Spoke environment.
  • Management in regional hubs enables rapid deployment of new services and upgrades, promoting continuous innovation.


Each client firm operates in a separate “spoke” containing their specific data and applications.

  • Separate spokes enhance security through network isolation.
  • Each client’s Spoke is located in geographic proximity to optimize performance and enable compliance with data residency mandates.
Azure Hub & Spoke