Charles River Partner Series

The Downsized Fixed Income Trading Desk: Technology Challenges & Opportunities


Colby Jenkins
TABB Group

Vidya Guruju
Product Manager
Charles River Development,
A State Street Company


Amid electronification, regulatory change and the replacement of LIBOR, perhaps the biggest trend in fixed income markets is the downsizing of the trading desk, says Vidya Guruju, product manager for Charles River Development, a State Street Company. Speaking with TABB Group analyst Colby Jenkins at TABB’s 2019 Fixed Income Summit in February, Guruju explains how the need for traders to focus on high-risk orders and offload and automate low-touch orders is shaping the opportunity for OMS and EMS providers. They discuss pre-trade data, the proliferation of electronic venues, and the differences between equities and fixed income TCA and best execution.