Charles River provides a comprehensive solution with portfolio management, trading, and compliance capabilities for over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-trade derivatives.

Integrated Portfolio Management Capabilities

Charles River’s Manager Workbench enables portfolio managers to view and act on risk exposure across listed and OTC derivatives. Advanced views can provide leg-level detail on swap risk exposure and look-through capability to basket and index constituents.

Extensive Compliance Monitoring Capabilities

Charles River Compliance enables compliance officers to manage risk associated with the complex requirements of the OTC derivative market. Charles River provides a framework to test gross and net exposure, global counterparty exposure, coverage, diversification and the application of netting and hedging considerations. With the evolution of the global regulatory environment, Charles River Compliance supports the recognition of centrally cleared instruments and allows for the creation of custom exposure calculations.

Trade Risk Tools

Charles River IMS provides innovative tools that enable traders to clearly identify when a trade must follow particular regulatory requirements or necessary agreements are not in place.