Charles River Data Management Service

Security Master

The Charles River Data Management Service helps ensure that high quality security master data is made available to the front office before each trading day. The Charles River team operates as an extension of the client’s data operations group in performing the final Beginning of Day (BOD) checking and resolution to make sure the security master is ready for the trading day.

In a typical client scenario, foundational security data from the Charles River Data Service or Bloomberg is blended with bespoke data from the client’s EDM or other data sources, and brought directly into the Charles River IMS. At this point, the Data Management Service evaluates and resolves all data exceptions, including benchmarks, pricing data, and any bespoke analytics. By performing proactive data validation, Charles River’s global data team can identify and rectify issues before they impact front office activities.

Potential Benefits

  • Help ensure a high quality BOD security master
  • Reduce the risk of trading on old or inaccurate data
  • Avoid delays to start-of-day for the front office
  • Reduce overhead and early-morning staffing
  • Simplify operations


Data Management In Practice

Data Management Service Flowchart