Viewpoints: A Charles River Conversation

The Evolution of the Smart Order and Execution Management System

Using Analytics to make More Informed Trading Decisions

In the past, buy-side firms had to purchase and integrate separate Order Management Systems (OMS) and Execution Management Systems (EMS), often from different vendors. This increased operational risk and system maintenance costs, limited trader productivity, and failed to capture critical data across the trade life cycle. Charles River solved this problem by creating a multi-asset Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) complete with data, FIX connectivity and trade analytics. As part of the Charles River IMS, the OEMS provides traders with extensive decision support, streamlined workflows across asset classes and a rich repository of historical trade, order and counterparty data.

In this article you’ll learn about:

  • How the OEMS is enabling firms to access innovative new analytics applications directly from the trading blotter
  • Leveraging the massive volumes of historical data captured by the OEMS to make more informed trading decisions
  • The expanding role of Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)  from equities to multi-asset trading
  • Our thoughts on the future of smart Order and  Execution Management Systems

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Controlling Multi-Asset Risk with an Order and Execution Management System

Growing buy-side adoption of cross-asset strategies adds new risks and complexity to a trader’s workload. In this interview, Charles River’s Alun Cutler discusses how a multi-asset order and execution management system (OEMS) helps firms support those strategies effectively while minimizing trade risk.

Alun Cutler, Director

Product Management EMEA

Charles River Development

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