Speaking of AlphaSM : Helping Asset Allocators Become Data-Driven Organizations

Speaking Of Alpha - Helping Asset Allocators Become Data-Driven Organizations The ability to harness large volumes of portfolio, market, and reference data from multiple sources in a flexible and easily accessible manner creates new opportunities for forward-looking asset allocators.

Asset allocators increasingly require access to data on their investments, driven by stakeholder demands for greater transparency and a need to make timelier, better-informed allocation and de-risking decisions.

We discuss the challenges and opportunities facing allocators as they seek to extract more insight from growing volumes of portfolio, market and reference data generated across multiple sources.

A conversation with Jessica Donohue, Bruce Feibel and Kishore Kottapalli. 

Speaking Of Alpha - Shaping the Future of Data Management

Data is at the heart of every investment firm’s operations. An effective data management strategy can help institutional investment and wealth managers uncover new insights, operate more efficiently, better serve their clients and raise more assets.

But firms face many challenges when it comes to data management. The sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. Managers need new, innovative tools to curate and interpret the breadth of both structured and unstructured data at scale.

Cloud-based data warehousing represents a shift for investment managers, accelerating time-to-insight and streamlining data management.

A conversation with Spiros Giannaros and John Plansky. 

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