Charles River Services Overview

Charles River offers comprehensive services that complement its product offerings to ensure successful deployments, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize the value of Charles River IMS for clients.

Simplifying Buy-Side Operations with SaaS:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Charles River delivers its investment management solution as a hosted service to help firms improve data accuracy, access the latest software capabilities, improve operations, increase user satisfaction and control risk. This simplified operating model includes:

  • Private Cloud-based Delivery – Charles River keeps the software current by managing regular upgrades and ensuring optimal application performance and reliability. Application specialists manage the Charles River IMS according to best practices, and provide application and integration expertise that is difficult for firms to build and maintain in-house.

  • Integrated Data Services - Charles River alleviates many of the challenges, complexities and cost of data management by integrating multiple data sources to provide more complete, accurate and timely data to the Charles River IMS.

  • Compliance Services – Charles River offers several services that extend the compliance organization. Charles River’s Compliance Rule Advisory Services help ensure that workflows are efficient and rules align with client mandates and regulatory requirements. Compliance as a Service (CaaS) provides Charles River’s Compliance monitoring capabilities as an easy-to-deploy, standalone hosted offering, supported by advisory services. Global Shareholder Disclosure Services help subscribers comply with shareholder disclosure regulations across 85 jurisdictions.

  • FIX Connectivity - Charles River’s certified global FIX network is administered by an experienced global FIX team that manages, tests and certifies broker connectivity, ensuring seamless, reliable electronic trading.

  • Optional General Services are available, such as onsite support and a dedicated service delivery manager.

Additional Client Services

To ensure high end-user satisfaction and value for clients, Charles River offers a comprehensive set of support services designed to meet each firm’s unique needs based on the environment, available resources, budget, and overall goals. Our approach is pragmatic and flexible, encompassing training, end-user support, onsite support, product knowledge and proven methodologies for successful deployment.