Charles River Network

The Charles River Network is a broker-neutral financial network that supports global electronic trading via FIX and provides access to hundreds of global liquidity venues. Full integration between the Charles River Network and Charles River IMS ensures fast and reliable direct access between buy-side clients, sell-side brokers and trading venues to simplify system management and improve trading reliability.

Charles River FIX Network Services offer clients complete FIX software administration, connectivity management and support for each sell-side broker and trading destination. These services eliminate FIX network administration and increase network reliability through continuous end-to-end testing, certification and monitoring.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable, redundant point-to-point connectivity
  • Access brokers, ECNs, ATSs, fixed income and FX venues
  • Monitor FIX Indication of Interests (IOIs), fills, real-time pricing, trade and end-to-end connectivity status
  • Connect via dedicated telecommunications infrastructure or Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Minimize setup and firewall maintenance with a new network option that combines simplicity of a hub and flexibility of point-to-point