Charles River Data Service

The Charles River Data Service is a fully-managed data offering for Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS) clients. Users receive more complete and scrubbed reference data aggregated from multiple data providers, including benchmark/index, security reference, pricing/evaluation, issuer, and operational data. This helps clients reduce costs, improve their software experience, and maximize the value they derive from their investment in Charles River IMS.

Tight integration with Charles River IMS enables data updates overnight and throughout the day, as well as custom data feeds based on clients' specific business requirements. Charles River coordinates with data vendors on behalf of clients to manage interfaces, changes in data feeds, new data requirements, and software upgrade issues. The service also includes:

  • Aggregating data sets from multiple vendors and delivering in a single, automated process
  • Data validation, data auditing, and support for new security setup
  • High availability, monitoring, and full disaster recovery, 24x7x365, via the Charles River Data Center

Key Benefits

  • Maximize Charles River IMS value / ROI
  • Reduce TCO including data, data management & staffing costs
  • Receive clean / scrubbed data from a single source
  • Deploy new data sets, security types, benchmarks quickly
  • Receive customized data updates
  • Eliminate multiple vendor management
  • Simplify IT infrastructure
  • Decommission redundant
  • applications & legacy spreadsheets