Charles River Data Service

The Charles River Data Service provides a single, cost-effective data feed for all asset classes. Data is aggregated from multiple sources, validated and directly fed into the Charles River IMS across nearly a thousand data fields, to provide: 

  • Reference data and real-time security setup – Charles River provides timely delivery of validated security reference and issuer data for portfolio management, trading, compliance and risk management.

  • Streaming real-time data - Charles River streams market data directly into the Charles River IMS, including pricing and market data for equities, futures, options and FX rates from over 135 exchanges worldwide. Traders can configure their blotter displays to incorporate news and real-time data such as market depth, price snaps, time and sales, watch lists and price charts.

  • Constituent-level benchmark/index data - Charles River imports constituent-level data from major equity and fixed income benchmark families to support portfolio modeling and rebalancing, performance measurement, and compliance.

Our data management specialists manage the entire process, ensuring clients have accurate and timely data to perform their investment functions. Charles River coordinates with data vendors, manages interfaces, implements changes in feeds, adapts to new requirements, and facilitates smooth software upgrades. Data service specialists monitor and manage data feeds, 24 x 7 x 365

Key Benefits

  • Increase data quality
  • Improve decision support
  • Provide timelier access to new data
  • Stay current with vendor format changes
  • Reduce data integration & management costs