Portfolio Management

Charles River IMS consolidates all portfolio management activity into a central workspace with top-down asset allocation, model building tools and visibility of trade execution.

Charles River IMS brings all holdings and order-level information into a single workspace that users can configure and save as their default window. This allows users to manage groups of portfolios, track orders on the trading desk and monitor and manage cash in a single window – eliminating the need to switch between screens. Using extensive tools to monitor real-time exposures, order execution details and performance measurement and attribution, users can create and implement investment strategies across one or many portfolios. Charles River IMS integrates data and analytics, and interfaces seamlessly with third-party systems, data warehouses and pricing feeds.

Key Benefits

  • Support multi-manager or team-managed funds, global asset allocation, and wealth management products (SMA, UMA, UMH)
  • Monitor multiple portfolios simultaneously in user-defined views
  • Rebalance one or more portfolios to models or individual benchmarks to align positions, generate cash instructions for asset allocation, or adjust new cash inflows
  • Create trades using various methods such as: indices; stock/category level models; cash investing, raising or switching; weight or duration targets; etc.
  • Conduct hypothetical 'what-if' analysis and determine risk impact
  • Assess profit & loss in real-time via market data or pricing feeds

Advanced Capabilities

  • Cross-Module Integration
  • Strategy Management
  • Investment Switching/Targeting
  • Cash Invest/Divest
  • Scenario 'What-If' Analysis
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting