Execution Management

Charles River IMS offers full order and execution management (OEMS) in a single system allowing traders to focus on trading strategies rather than managing various workflows for multiple applications.

Charles River IMS supports multi-currency trading for all asset classes, including: equities, fixed income, FX, options, futures, and complex derivatives. Traders can highly customize their Trader Blotter to display all necessary trade information on one screen, such as watch lists; market depth; time and sales; pre-trade TCA and real-time pricing. This allows traders to move in and out of markets with minimal keystrokes.

Key Benefits

  • Access one-stop support for trading, execution and FIX-based electronic trading
  • Utilize a complete market view
  • Connect with over 12 data vendors in real-time
  • Access data and value-added tools from preferred third party TCA providers
  • Ensure consistency via order auto-routing
  • Use multi-broker DMA capability

Advanced Capabilities

  • Fast fill updates
  • Real-time gain/loss versus benchmarks
  • In-trade analytics
  • Quick cancel/replace including bulk orders
  • Automated tracking of directed brokerage, commissions and fees
  • Customizable alerts for market limits, increased volatility, and others